#Syrian Conflict is a World War Call to Arms

The Khaled bin Walid, Screen shot 2015-10-02 at 11.16.07 AM

a mosque in Syria, whose mausoleum has been partially destroyed in the al-Khalidiyah.

Awhile ago I stopped counting how many countries were bombing the shit out of Syria in this proxy war of wars. Is it 8 or 10? What is clear is this is WWIII as every statistic verifies same.

The US of Constant Wars has reached a new found insane level of overt and covert confusion in its foreign policy. I contend elements in the #CIA are going rogue while the #Pentagon is saddled with outdated strategies and in its frustration is incapable of advising let alone directing itself. The West Wing does not know to shit or go blind. #Obama is a puppet with so many strings attached (#NSA, Wall Street, etc.) he is tangled beyond redemption. #Kerry is doubting all intel.

The only way out of this god awful lethal mess is to reach some kind of accord with ALL these interfering murdering basturds. Saudi Arabia is totally out of control in Syria and Y#emen plus if the House of Saud keeps these wars going it will go broke in a few years because its treasure chest – the oil economy – is going down.

This may have started out a religious war of #Shia vs. #Sunni but it is now a full blown proxy war of wars. Ironically, the Syrian people continue to support Assad and those left if put to a vote tomorrow would probably keep him and his adminstration.

The coup of coup Syrian military officers who attempted to overthrow #Assad are as disorganized and useless as the US Congress. #ISIS has commandeered Iraq and uses Syria as it’s manpower conduit and training ground.

Everyday, ISIS gains recruits from the other two Syrian factions along with foreign fighters who believe they can do some good and help establish the 21st Century state of United Islam States. Then there are the other actors – the US, #Russia, #NATO, #Turkey, #Iran, the #Kurds, the #Lebanese, the #Jordanians, #Bibi, the #Palestinians, the #Afghan version of Islamic extremists and their counterpart in #Pakistan who fight for there idea of a caliphate.

What is not being said is – it is collective fear run riot the US ignited by invading Iraq. This madness is the foundation for WWWIII feeding into a spider web of extremism, horrible and corrupt foreign policy decisions, drugged-up warriors, and proxy slave soldiers each fighting for their version of God and country.

Sadly, it is only a matter of time before a dirty bomb is dropped and why nearly every non-combatant in the region wants out. But, in the meantime the Satans dealing in arms and the western military industrial complex are fueling and refueling World War III.

If it is true the #Chinese are sending their soldiers/ship then can anyone on this planet deny this is not WWIII? A proxy war of wars with this many countries involved is a world war.

A ceasefire may only come about when nukes are threatened so convincingly ALL parties appear at the negotiation table? Has anyone realized even if the fighting ceases to reach an accord with so many grudge driven bias parties will take years?

Perversion as a so called holy war of terror, sacred cities of ancient civilizations destroyed forever, the land burnt by chemical bombs, the exhibition of sickening brutality, and the mangling of hearts, bodies and souls serves whom for what?

Our species must discover a common ground – and, soon. The UN is a faux ego striving lot with grand concept and no true compassionate balls. It serves as a grandstand for the psychotics far more than a body to solve the human dilemma.


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